Head Cheese Garden

Created for an online internet art “pavilion” as part of a larger net art biennial called “The Wrong.” The name of the pavilion is “Wonder Cabinet of the Big Electric Cat.” The main requirement is that we begin our process by watching the 1982 Adrian Belew video, “Big Electric Cat.” youtu.be/O_kk8mGqBj8 and interpret / react / respond […]

Prairie Fire

These were some drawings I made live at the first Draw By Night party in Regina hosted by  GDC Sask South and the Mackenzie Art Galery. The theme was Prairie Fire. Here was the poster that set the theme for the night.

Mystery Album

As a trade for programming this site, I agreed to a very challenging commission. Shawn McCann, of plustwelve, sent me a copy of an unnamed album and asked that the work be inspired by listening to the music. A further limitation was to create the work to be viewed at any angle. I have to […]

The Gast & The Secret Grove

A story of a young girl in search of her spirit. She discovers a mysterious book that leads her to a magic forest but she must first pass the forest’s guardian, The Gast, to reach The Secret Grove. It seems impossible that a 12-year-old girl could defeat a mighty earth spirit. However, Ida is not […]