Published on Mar 7, 2007

official music video for The Bell Orchestre. An antique toy ballerina finds her dark shadow twin. Meanwhile the band, entangled marionettes merged with their instruments, struggle to keep playing their song while observing the strange story revealed before them.

Myron Campbell: Director / Character Design / Animator

Zoë Curnoe: Producer
Geoff Lillemon: Character Design / Animator
Fatou-Maty Diouf: Modeller / Animator
Trent Noble: 3D animator
Erik King Smith: Editor
Anita Fontaine: Modeller
Hilary Leftik: Photographer

The Bell Orchestre: Pietro AmatoMichael FeuerstackKaveh NabatianSarah NeufeldRichard Reed ParryStefan Schneider.

Funding & Support : Bravo!Fact, The Banff Centre