Throw it on a Fire – Belle Orchestre Music Video

Published on Mar 7, 2007 official music video for The Bell Orchestre. An antique toy ballerina finds her dark shadow twin. Meanwhile the band, entangled marionettes merged with their instruments, struggle to keep playing their song while observing the strange story revealed before them. Myron Campbell: Director / Character Design / Animator Zoë Curnoe: Producer […]


3 yr old Eric likes to play with blocks and make ramps for his cars. He’s scared of water and bees. He loves morning snuggles. He lives in a care home and has been genetically engineered to grow back-up organs for his human counterpart.


This 10″x10″ collage painting was made with receipts and ticket stubs from my road-trip across Canada in November 2002.

Head Cheese Garden

Created for an online internet art “pavilion” as part of a larger net art biennial called “The Wrong.” The name of the pavilion is “Wonder Cabinet of the Big Electric Cat.” The main requirement is that we begin our process by watching the 1982 Adrian Belew video, “Big Electric Cat.” youtu.be/O_kk8mGqBj8 and interpret / react / respond […]

Prairie Fire

These were some drawings I made live at the first Draw By Night party in Regina hosted by  GDC Sask South and the Mackenzie Art Galery. The theme was Prairie Fire. Here was the poster that set the theme for the night.