This was a proposed animation project that was refused funding. WOMB was to be a short 1-2 minute animation developed in stereoscopic 3D. A highly expressive story of life before life, life within the womb. The film is seen through the eyes of an unborn child, which is never seen directly, and the structure of […]


The following are a series of animation tests for a short film that was never finished. But it was so fun to work on. For the first time ever, I took drawings from another artist, James Braithwaite, and animated them. If you are talking to him, you can ask him what the story was about. […]

On Bullfighting

This was inspired by the book of the same name written by A.L. Kennedy. This work was created while attending the Digital Arts Studios International Residency at the Queen Street Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The Lamb & The Lullaby

This was development and research for a film that was never made. The piece explores the dreams and nightmares of a blue lamb as it lazily falls asleep beneath a tree while eating grass. Throughout its adventures, the lamb is chased by crazed butchers and farmers and encounters a giant soccer player larger than the […]

Our Clocks Shift

A collaborative conversation series between myself and novelist Larissa Lai. She would write poetry and send it to me and I would send back an image that didn’t illustrate but yet continue the story. I wish we would do more. If only there were 1000 hours in a day

Angus The Bear

Angus The Bear is an animated film that I never made. In this illustrated story, Angus, the humanborg bear, has awoke from hibernation and has taken revenge on a war-torn city that was the cause of his early rise