This was another that was almost completely hand knit. It was made after a 1 month stint in Montreal working on Facing Champlain with the NFB.


This was made, among many others, for my daughter Mya Rose. It has been sleeping next to her her entire life. He has been rebuilt 3 times because of wear and is her favourite toy I’ve made. I’m very proud of this one. Jack is an interpretation of the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland


This was made from an old Oogey Boogey doll from the Nightmare Before Xmas movie. It was modeled after an animation project of mine called Distant Air.


My sister Lyndsay did all the knitting for this monster and I pieced him together. She is in the process of making dreads for him.

Full Bull

Finally made use of a really ugly American Eagle sweatshirt. Looks much better now. This was the first time I actually had a dimensional pattern to the body so he could sit up on his own.


This was made entirely from 1 knee sock and some pieces of felt.


This was hand-knit and sewn together with pieces of felt. Really want to do more like this.


This was made for David Johnathon Cash Cugnet when he was first born. Making toys for newborns is a bit tricky because you shouldn’t have buttons or other hard objects.