Re:Entry is a collaborative collage series with painter, Jennifer Trouton using her paintings as a narrative catalyst for new work

Digital / Traditional Collage. 11″x17″. 2004

Double Entry is a painting series by Belfast-based painter, Jennifer Trouton and was executed in a diary-like fashion. Each individual piece dated at its inception and subsequent completion. Using clothing patterns as a canvas, Trouton applied a montage of photographs, postcards, sewing pins with text and paint to document memories of people, places and moments.

RE:ENTRY is the result of a collaboration between Jennifer and I, more-so a conversation or visual dialogue. I scanned 3 of her paintings and interpreted them, adding layers of narrative on top. The result is a visualization of collective memory. The works were later presented together in various exhibits.

Exhibit Information:
Clothworthy arts centre
Antrim, Northern Ireland (June 2005)

Grove Gallery
Downpatrick, Northern Ireland (December 2004)