This series of work pays homage to Robert Lake and Little Robert Lake located west of Highway 97 (H-97) between Lake Country and Kelowna, BC. Robert Lake is a natural saline lake and is home to over 100 migrating species of birds. The lake and surrounding area requires a balance of human and ecological life.

With the construction of John Hindle Drive connecting Glenmore Road to H-97, this space is under threat of significant disturbance and sets a precedent for development to continue in the future. As stated in an environmental assessment on Robert Lake in 1994, “development would reduce the amount of water passing through these soils, and therefore over time, would reduce both the water level and salinity of the lake water.

Other considerations regarding changes in the lake water chemistry include potential contaminants from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides used on residential lawns and landscaping.”

The works show a troubled relationship with humans and this sensitive ecological system highlighting the various endangered birds and other species of life around the lake. Blending the real and imaginary, the works inform about the park and its inhabitants while also promoting a sustainable relationship between humans and our environment… starting with our own backyard.