Draw By Night is a public event located in the downtown eastside of Vancouver that promotes creativity, imagination and collaboration through the process of drawing.




Draw By Night is a collaborative drawing party, free to the public, which asks its participants to collectively and freely draw in a social setting on large rolls of paper. The objective is to be surrounded by like-minded creative individuals, listen and converse visu- ally through drawing or be inspired by others to produce something individually.

There have been 30 events in 3 years and have an average of 70 participants in a 2 hour session hosted mostly in a large café. The next party, on May 2nd, 2013 entitled Memory Theatre (based on Giulio Camillo and his notion of memory theatre), will feature interdisciplinary artist, Cian Donnelly, streaming a live performance from his studio in Rome, Italy. Each party is different and contains different themes. #16: Killer Apps included live music performances by a band composed entirely of smartphone music apps, #10: Clown Envy was part of an exhibit at the Diane Farris Gallery and #4: Light, Alex Beim from Tangible Interaction donated his Digital Graffiti Wall for the event which was hosted by the Intersections Studios at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.


Currently, there is an active chapter in Cologne, Germany and it is my wish to expand it to many more cities world-wide. More information and photo documentation can be found at