Mystery Album

As a trade for programming this site, I agreed to a very challenging commission. Shawn McCann, of plustwelve, sent me a copy of an unnamed album and asked that the work be inspired by listening to the music. A further limitation was to create the work to be viewed at any angle. I have to […]

The Gast & The Secret Grove

A story of a young girl in search of her spirit. She discovers a mysterious book that leads her to a magic forest but she must first pass the forest’s guardian, The Gast, to reach The Secret Grove. It seems impossible that a 12-year-old girl could defeat a mighty earth spirit. However, Ida is not […]


This was a proposed animation project that was refused funding. WOMB was to be a short 1-2 minute animation developed in stereoscopic 3D. A highly expressive story of life before life, life within the womb. The film is seen through the eyes of an unborn child, which is never seen directly, and the structure of […]


This was another that was almost completely hand knit. It was made after a 1 month stint in Montreal working on Facing Champlain with the NFB.


This was made, among many others, for my daughter Mya Rose. It has been sleeping next to her her entire life. He has been rebuilt 3 times because of wear and is her favourite toy I’ve made. I’m very proud of this one. Jack is an interpretation of the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland


The following are a series of animation tests for a short film that was never finished. But it was so fun to work on. For the first time ever, I took drawings from another artist, James Braithwaite, and animated them. If you are talking to him, you can ask him what the story was about. […]